Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tracing it back

No word back from NerdyShirts. I'll give it a while before trying again to contact them.

In the meantime, I think I've found just how they got a hold of my shirt. I checked their wall on their facebook page.

August 5th, Matt Lally posts the photo of me on the NerdyShirts facebook page:

August 12th, NerdyShirts announces the Twilight shirt's availability on their facebook page:

Am I being paranoid for asserting the timing so adamantly in all this so there's no question NerdyShirt's shirt came after my stunt at Comic-Con? Probably, yeah. But I'm sticking to my guns, I still have no clue as to how NerdyShirts will respond to me (if at all), so consider this a form of insurance.

Matt Lally, in case anyone's interested, seems to have found my shirt through a post on Topless Robot. Jesus Christ, these names. This also fits together, the "Quixotico" that NerdyShirts referred to in their facebook post is a name on a comment on the Topless Robot post. I'm surprised that anyone would expect this much thought being put into this silly shirt that I'd try to embed a thesis in something as simple as how I half-assed the lettering. Really I was kinda down when I first saw how misaligned the text was, until I thought "No, this is actually great! It looks so shitty!".

Another interesting note:

Arcane said:

"Buffy stakes Edward" shirt is lame, Buffy could never stake Edward.

This guy though, between the Joey Ramone Glasses and this shirt, must be just draped in vag.

Posted 08/04/2009 at 09:38:38 PM

Sadly, this Arcane guy's wrong about that, which kinda depresses me. Maybe I had a solid chance with that fat girl who called me a jerk at Comic-Con and I was just too stupid to realize it.

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